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It cannot be denied that Thailand is a fascinating destination that world travellers desire to visit, not once, but many times during their journeys to exotic lands.

Because of her natural beauty, interesting history and culture, hospitable smiling people and the vibrant nightlife, travellers flock in their tens of thousands to Thailand each year.

The natural beauty that abounds in each province provides an unending panorama of beautiful natural and man made vistas. In the Northern provinces for example, jungle-clad mountains teeming with numerous species of exotic flora and fauna, rise majestically from verdant valley basins, periodically shrouded in mysterious mists, while the Southern provinces are replete with fascinating islands, abundant sea-life, stunning corals and beautiful virgin beaches of pure white soft sand, lapped by azure crystal clear waters.

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Thailand has her own specific language and culture. The spoken term “Sawasdee” is both a welcome greeting and departing gesture.

The term is an integral part of Thai culture, along with a broad smile and a “Wai”. The young generation “Wai” to their elders as a mark of respect, while friends and strangers alike, “Wai” to each other in similar fashion. The “Wai” is done by placing the hands, palms together, in a position lightly touching the body, somewhere between the chest and forehead. It symbolises a combination of verbal and physical greeting of respect, and is a statement to a person's standing or rank, in the social hierarchy.

Bangkok, Thailand 's Capital City, is a thriving, vibrant metropolis of noise and colour. The culinary delights of Thai cuisine are famous throughout the world, and in Bangkok, the experience is simply a never ending, mind-bending selection of unimagined succulent treats. Couple this with the unrivalled nightlife, featuring cultural shows, exotic dancing. Rock n' roll bars, country music venues, and Bangkok has it all. Little wonder it is known as “The city that never sleeps”.

There is a plethora of interesting and exciting vistas awaiting you in “The Land of Smiles”, therefore we invite you to browse the navigation chart on the left, and enjoy a magic – carpet ride of what dreams are made of. Just choose any topic, and instantly and in-depth article will answer all or any questions you may have.

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