7. CAT PhoneNET Card
:: PhoneNET CARD

To facilitate international call service user on internet protocol with CAT PhoneNet card.

   Phone to Phone
It's an economic international calling card via CAT's Internet network. The service is now available for 152 countries around the world

  Service rate
Price of card : 300 / 500 / 1,000 Baht

   How to use

  1. Dial 001 - 800 - 8424 - 6387 or 001 -800 - THAINETS (toll free) from Telephones which can connect an overseas call or (02) 206 - 7100 (pay local fee) from any telephones
  2. At the prompt, enter your language choice Press 1 for Thai language or press 2 for English language Enter User ID followed by #
  3. Dial 001 - Country Code - Area Code - Phone No. followed by #
  4. It's available at Post Offices and Telecommunications office

   For more details, please contact
Marketing Communication Division, Commercial Department
Tel. 0 2506 3369, 0 2573 5497 Fax. 0 2506 4098

:: For Corporate Business

1. International Toll Free (ITFS)

Ideal for hotels, travel agencies, airlines, exporters, or international companies who wish to facilitate their customers in making a free connection.

   How to use

  • Outgoing call from Thailand to foreign countries.
  • Incoming call from foreign countries to Thailand CAT will assign the numbers to customers to inform their clients about the service.

   Service rate

  • For more details and service applications, please contact Customer Service Division, Commercial Department at 02614 2717, 02614 2172


Data communications and facsimile service through Front End network. CAT will provide the network and assign a special number to facilitate international reception and transmission of Communications faster, clearer and more economical.

   How to use
Data reception ::

  • Manual telephone: the receiver picks up the telephone which is connected to the facsimile machine and press the "received" button then hang up the phone.
  • Automatic telephone: The fax machine receives a calling signal and automatically sends a receiving signal to receive a message.

Data transmission ::

  • The service is similar to an ISD call service simply press 001 + Country code + Area code + phone number

   Service rates
For more details and service applications, please contact Commercial Department at 0 2573 4921, 0 2506 4401-5