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It cannot be denied that Thailand is a fascinating destination that travellers desire to visit at least once of their journey ..  

Because of her natural beauty, interesting history & culture, hospitable people and colourful nightlife in the city brings large number of travellers to Thailand each year.

The beauty of Thai nature can be found from most provinces in Thailand. In Northern area, for example, is surrounded by green mountains and various kinds of beautiful flowers while southern area is filled by fascinating and terrific beaches with white sand and the blue saes.

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On the other hand, the Bangkok capital city provides colourful nightlife for travellers who enjoy drinking and dancing in pubs and bars. It is somehow called "never sleeping city".

Thailand has her own specific language and culture. "Sawadee" - the Thai greeting word like, "Hi" and "Hello" that Thai people always say when they meet each other with beautiful smile. At the same time, the younger generation are most likely " wai " to the elder ones. " wai " is the raising of the hands, palms joined and placed in a position lightly touching the body somewhere between the chest and the forehead. This is a combination greeting of respect in the statement of a person's rank in the social hierarchy.

Moreover, there are many interesting issues and things waiting for you to find out. in THAILAND - the land of smiles

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