National Parks
Camping is allowed in a majority of national parks for a minimal fee, though the facilities are extremely basic in comparison to the ones in Europe and North America. Camping has never really caught on in Thailand since cheap hotels are often located nearby, plus the annoyance of mosquitoes and other insects that tend to hover around. However, many national parks have a limited number of clean, basic, concrete bungalows. It is highly advisable to book ahead by contacting the Forestry Department in Bangkok or the national park itself.

Prices vary depending on the time of the year. Nationwide, they are at their highest during the cool season (Nov-Feb) and are far less crowded during the hot season (Mar-May) and rainy season (Jun-Oct). The only exception is Bangkok where occupancy rate is high throughout the year and prices remain relatively fixed. Hotels in Chiang Mai and Phuket are fully booked during the cool season.

Monasteries are traditionally places of refuge and it is possible to stay overnight in a temple for a small donation, regardless if you are a Buddhist or not. Expect basic facilities and early rising, though co-ed accommodations are not available. Conservative attire and proper demeanour are expected.
Though widely available in Thailand at very reasonable prices, not many short-term visitors look into this option since dining out is relatively inexpensive and rental contracts usually stipulate a stay of more than a few weeks.
Because Thailand is relatively affordable for Western and Japanese visitors, the wide range of accommodations is sure to be suitable for all types of budget. The luxury hotels offer suites from 50,000 Baht to simple rooms for 10,000-15, 000 baht per night. Most lodgings in major tourist destinations cost between 1,000-5,000 baht per night. An air-conditioned, comfortable room in a standard provincial hotel may range from 700-1,500 baht. Guesthouses and home-stays are the most economical means of lodging.
Disabled Travellers
The awareness of the needs of disabled travellers has not been fully developed in Thailand, and few special facilities are provided, even in luxury hotels. Entrance ramps and elevator lifts are available at every luxury and mid-range accommodation.
Special Rates
Whether calling to book in advance or walking into a hotel, it is always a good idea to ask about their promotions or special rates. During the low seasons, especially outside of Bangkok, many lodging facilities do offer special rates which could lead to substantial savings.
Tipping has become a normal practice in Bangkok and the major tourist destinations. Use your discretion in rewarding staff for good services. Between 10 and 50 baht is considered adequate in most circumstances. Usually smiles and a thank you are often appreciation enough. Luxury hotels and resort hotels will automatically include a service charge with hotel bill.
Facilities for Children
The majority of luxury and resort hotels offer some sort of babysitting services and children can normally be waived from hotel expenses. Also provided are children's pools and playground areas, but parents must provide their own supervision.