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The Drum-Making Village of Baan Pae, situated on the left bank of the Chao Phraya River, produces high-quality drums of various sizes. The Weaving Villages on both sides of the Chao Phraya River consists of those that make finished products from wicker and bamboo.

Stroll around the Bang Sadet village and see how each household makes Miniature Dolls from natural resources.

:: City Attractions

Other interesting temples in the town include Wat Ang Thong Worawihan which boasts a beautiful stupa and chapel, and Wat Chantharangsi with a gigantic Buddha image, Wat Ratchapaksi houses a large reclining Buddha image of Ayutthaya period.

City Pillar Shrine
is opposite the city hall. The shrine has beautiful mural paintings.

Wat Ton Son l
ocated in the town on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, is an old temple that enshrines "Somdet Phra Si Muang", a beautiful seated Buddha image.

:: Chaiyo

:: Pho Thong

Wat Chaiyo Worawihan.
This temple is located 18 kilometres from the town on the Ang Thong-Sing Buri route (Highway No. 32). It houses Phra Maha Phuttha Phim, a large seated Buddha image in the attitude of meditation, constructed during the reign of King Rama IV. This temple is famous for the sacred amulets called "Somdet Wat Chaiyo”, which are very popular with collectors.

Pa Mok
Wat Tha Sutthawat is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River in Tambon Bang Sadet, Amphoe Pa Mok, 15 kilometres south of Ang Thong along Highway No. 309. This site was part of the route used by the army when crossing the river during the Ayutthaya period. As the temple has been renovated several times, it houses Buddha images and historical remains of different periods.

Wat Sa Kaeo. This temple was constructed in 1699. It is located 15 kilometres south of Ang Thong along Highway No. 309. The temple partly serves as a care centre for needy orphans from almost every part of Thailand. In the temple compound, there is also a centre where hand woven fabrics are produced into various products such as simple skirts, loincloths, table cloths and pillowcases.

Wat Pa Mok Worawihan This temple is located in Amphoe Pa Mok on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, 18 kilometres south of the Ang Thong. There is an old reclining Buddha image assumed to have been constructed during the Sukhothai period. The image is 22.58 metres long, made of brick and mortar, and covered with gold. It is found in the royal records that King Naresuan also visited this temple to pay homage to this reclining Buddha image prior to leading the army to fight King Maha Uparacha of Burma.

Bats at Wat Chantharam
This temple is 4 kilometres west of the Pho Thong District Office. The compound is home to numerous bats, hanging in the trees during the daylight hours, and who then fly out for food at night.

Wat Khun Inthapramun This ancient temple is located 9 kilometres along the Ang Thong-Pho Thong route and 2 kilometres along an access road. There is a large reclining Buddha image, 50 metres long, lying in the open area. The vihara housing the image was destroyed during the first fall of Ayutthaya. The statue of Khun Inthapramun was in front of the Buddha image. According to a legend, Khun Inthapramun was a revenue officer who secretly took away official money to enlarge the original 40 metre construction of the image and was subsequently whipped to death.

Phra Tamnak Khamyat.   This structure is the ruins of a pavilion, standing out in a paddy field, and is situated 9 kilometres on the Ang Thong-Pho Thong route and 2 kilometres along an access road. The structure is made of brick and mortar, measures 10 metres wide and 20 metres long. It was constructed in the reign of King Borommakot of Ayutthaya and was his residence when visiting this area. Although only the four walls remain, the throne hall maintains a trace of its past architectural glory.

Wat Khoi This riverside temple is located in Tambon Pho Rang Nok, Amphoe Pho Thong. Travel 12 kilometres on the Ang Thong-Wiset Chai Chan route, turn right and continue for another 5 kilometres. More than 50,000 fish of various species crowd the Noi River in front of the temple. The Pho Thong Fishery Office declared the area a fish sanctuary in 1985. In the temple there is also situated a local museum where various boats and ancient tools are on display.

:: Wiset Chai Chan

Wat Khian This is an old temple of the Ayutthaya period. It is located in Amphoe Wiset Chai Chan, 12 kilometres from Ang Thong. In the chapel, there are splendid mural paintings made by a local artisan depicting villagers' rural lifestyles. Other temples in Amphoe Wiset Chai Chan, which were constructed during the Ayutthaya period include Wat Oi, Wat Wiset Chai Chan, and Wat Luang.