Suphan Buri is an ancient town rich in culture and historical temples. It is located on the bank of the Tha Chin River, sometimes called the Suphan Buri River by its people. Suphan Buri once was an important border town involved in battles and wars during the Ayutthaya period.

Suphan Buri is located some 169 kilometres from Bangkok along Highway No. 340. It occupies an area of 5,358 square kilometers.

:: Attractions

Within town, the old Wat Pa Lelai , commonly called "Wat Pa” (forest temple), houses the highly revered Luang Phor Tho Wat Pa Lelai, a huge, restored, Dvaravati-style Buddha image.

The town's principal temple called Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat boasts a beautiful prang restored in the Ayutthaya period and once again in the 20 th century. Inside the prang is a 600-year old Budhha relic.

Situated on the opposite bank, the riverside Wat Phra Rup houses a reclining, Dvaravati-style Buddha image and a carved wooden Buddha Footprint that is priceless.

The centrally located Banharn-Chamsai Tower is the first and the tallest viewing tower in Thailand with telescopes installed at the top for better viewing of the city and surrounding environs.

The large white Memorial Don Chedi was built by King Naresuan to mark the site of the Nong Sarai Battle between the Burmese and Thai forces led by the king. Presently, a statue of King Naresuan riding atop an elephant is situated in front of the structure.

North of the town's principal temple is Wat Kaa , an old temple whose name appeared in the classical Thai literature of "Khun Chang Khun Pang”. Within the compound is a large tamarind tree and an ancient style Thai wooden house called ‘Khum Khun Pang'.


The U Thong National Museum contains artifacts and artworks from different periods that were excavated from nearby which shows the evolution of civilization in Suphan Buri.

Outside of town, Wat Pai Rong Wua (Cattle Bamboo Ranch Temple) houses the sacred and handsome Phra Phut Kodom, Thailand's largest bronze cast Buddha image and Phra Kaku Suntho, the world's largest clay sculpture Buddha image.

To the east of the city is the colorful, Chinese Chao Phor Shrine. Nearby, the interior walls of the bot at Wat Pratu San contains impressive murals depicting Buddha's life painted in the 19 th century.

The Krasiew Dam was constructed with packed earth soils and holds the records for being Thailand's longest dam with a length of 4 km.

:: City Attractions

City Pillar Shrine This is located on the west bank of the Suphan Buri River. Originally it was built in Thai style architecture but later altered to a Chinese pavilion design. The shrine houses statues of the god Vishnu carved out of green stone.

The National Museum of Thai Rice Farmers This is located on Phraphanwasa Road in front of the city hall. Opened in August 1994 and dedicated to the history and study of rice farming, exhibits include tools of the trade, the many rites surrounding it, and the historical role of royalty in rice farming. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday and close on Monday, Tuesday and National Holiday. Admission is free.

Wat Sanam Chai This is an abandoned temple on the east bank of the Suphan Buri River in the town. Only ruins of a large pagoda are left to be seen. It is estimated that its height should be 70-80 metres if it were in perfect shape. After the excavation, some human relics were found, and it was assumed that they should belong to warriors who died on the battlefield in ancient times.

Wat Suwannaphum  This temple of the early Ayutthaya period is located opposite the City Hall. There is a museum which stores ancient artefacts such as bowls and cups, vases, Buddha images of various periods, clocks and weapons.

Suphan Buri Tower   Rising up to 123 metres in the middle of a public park in the heart of Suphan Buri, the tower offers a panoramic view of the provincial town with an exhibition centre and souvenir shops inside.

Wat Pa Lelai This is a very old temple located on the west bank of the river on Malaimaen Road in the town. It is believed to have been built some 800 years ago when Suphan Buri was a prosperous community. A huge sitting Buddha image named "Luang Pho To", 23 metres in height, is enshrined in the main chapel. The image was originally situated in the open area and was later covered by the chapel. Worship fairs celebrating the image are held twice a year in April and November.

In addition, an old Thai style house called "Khum Khun Chang” has been built in the temple compound. The design of the construction has followed the description in "Khun Chang-Khun Phan”, a classic Thai poem which is a work of Sunthon Phu, the greatest poet of Thailand during the early Bangkok period.


Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat This temple is at Tambon Rua Yai on the west bank of the Suphan Buri River in the town. Locally called Wat Phrathat, it was constructed during the early Ayutthaya period, over 600 years ago, and houses a large U Thong style pagoda with Lord Buddha's relics.

Wat Phra Rup This temple is located on Khun Chang Road on the west bank of the Tha Chin River opposite the town's market. Also built during the early Ayutthaya period, the temple houses a 13-metre long reclining Buddha image called by the villagers "Nen Kaeo” with the most beatific face among all other statues of the same period. There is also Lord Buddha's footprint made of wood, the only one existing in Thailand.

Wat Khae This old temple is mentioned in the Khun Chang-Khun Phaen literature. It houses a very old gigantic tamarind tree and ancient Thai-style houses called "Khum Khun Phaen”. The temple is 2 kilometres beyond Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat.

Wat Phra Non This is a popular attraction where visitors come to pay homage to a reclining Buddha image and also feed a large shoal of fish in the river by the temple.

Western Handicraft Promotion Centre This is located at Tambon Don Kamyan on Malaiman road about 8 kilometres from Amphoe U Thong. It has been established to promote the support of cottage and handicraft industries in Suphan Buri and other nearby provinces in the western region. Many fine handicrafts are on display and on sale.

Tha Sadet Bird Sanctuary This is 15 kilometres from the town along the Suphan Buri-Don Chedi Route (Highway No. 322). Some birds can be viewed during the day time while a tremendous number of birds such as open-billed stork, heron, comorants, painted storks, night heron, and white ibises can be seen in the evening when they return home