Another delightful resort on the eastern coast, Rayong is just beginning to gain wider popularity. With a 100 kilometre-long coastline, it boasts several beautiful beaches and scenic waterfalls amid natural surroundings. Rayong is also rich in sea-life resources and considered a major agricultural and industrial province. Rayong is 180 kilometres from Bangkok and covers a total area of 3,552 square kilometres.

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The palm-fringed tropical island of Koh Samet is Rayong's major attraction. The eastern side of this triangular-shaped island has fine, sandy beaches while the rocky headlands are on the west. Large choice of accommodations, especially bungalows, gives the island a rustic feel. Indulge in a number of beach activities. To the east are the smaller islands of Koh Kudi, Koh Khangkhao and Ko Rusi.

The fishing village of Ban Kon Ao is constantly subjected to wind and sea erosion, causing the beachside palm trees to appear to rise from sand pedestals bound together by tree roots.

Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park in Talang District is comprised of two mountains (khao) which loom above the farming lowlands of the Eastern Seaboard. The evergreen forests are home to many mammals, (tigers, elephants, bears), and has a few developed trails. Park highlights include the Khao Chamao Waterfall and the 80 plus Khao Wong caves, including Tham Phet (diamond cave) and Tham Lakhon (theater cave).

During mid-May to the end of June, excellent quality and reasonably priced rambutans, durians, and mangosteens are widely abundant. Several fruit orchards provide a tour of their plantations and a chance to taste the delicious tropical fruits.

The busy and prosperous fishing community of Ban Phe is the main ferry embarkation point for Koh Samet and neighboring islands. It is also a popular market place for dried and fresh seafood products. A 20-km coastal road winds along from here to Laem Mae Phim , with a good stretch of crystal white sandy beach. Local tourists frequent the roadside vendors selling fruits, fried squid, and other local delicacies.

Five km past Ban Phe is the Suan Son (Pine Park), a favorite picnic area by the beach shaded by pine trees. Aside from eating seafood and other local delicacies while lounging on deck chairs, there are a couple of sports activities to enjoy.


The Sunthon Phu Memorial Park is a quiet, well-manicured garden in Kram village, the birthplace of Thailand's most famous poet's father. Recognized by UNESCO as an eminent classical poet, Sunthon Phu (1786-1855) composed his famous Thai epic poem Phra Aphai Manee on Koh Samet. Statues of the poem's characters and famous scenes are scattered around the park.

Within the town, the King Taksin Shrine commemorates King Taksin's brief stay in Rayong following the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767. Formerly a Thai nobleman, he managed to escape before the fall and was acclaimed king in Rayong. He is remembered as the monarch who rallied the Thais and successfully expelled Burmese invaders before establishing a new capital in Thonburi, on the western bank opposite Bangkok. The shrine is highly revered by Thais of Chinese ancestry and attracts large crowds during Chinese New Year.

The Ayutthaya-style (1350-1767) Wat Pa Pradu enshrines a large 12-meter long Reclining Buddha image that lies on its left side rather than the conventional right side.

The 10-meter high Phra Chedi Klang Nam (pagoda in the middle of water) is located on an islet at the estuary of the Rayong River.

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