Dinner Theatres
Most tourists view performances put on solely for their benefit at one of the several Thai classical dance/dinner theatres in the city. Admission prices at these evening venues average 200B to 500B per person and include a typical Thai dinner, a couple of selected dance performances and martial arts display.
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Baan Thai
Sukhumvit Road Ph.02 258 5403

In an old Thai house with a leafy garden, the food has been toned-down but the show and setting make up for it. The set menu does not include drinks and the show begins at 8.30 pm. Arrive early to ensure getting a table with a good view of the performance.

Sala Rim Naam
Soi Oriental, Charoenkrung Road Ph.02 437 2918, 02 437 3080

The historic Oriental Hotel has its own dinner theatre, on the Thonburi side of Chaopraya River opposite the hotel. The admission is well above average about 1500B but so is the food, the performance and the Thai pavilion décor (teak, marble and bronze); the river ferry between the hotel and restaurant is free. Dinner begin at 7pm., and the dance performances at 8.30pm.



Massage parlours have been a Bangkok attraction for many years now, though the TAT tries to play down the city's reputation in this respect.

Massage as a healing art is a centuries-old tradition in Thailand, and it is easy to find a legitimate massage in Bangkok, despite the commercialisation of recent years. That many of the city's modern massage parlours (aap op nuat or bathe-steam-massage, sometimes referred to as Turkish bath) also deal in prostitution is well known; less well known is the fact that many of the girls working in the parlours are bonded labour -they are not necessarily there by choice.

The most insensitive males will be saddened by the sight of 50 girls /women behind a glass wall with numbers pinned to their dresses. Often the bank of masseuses is divided into section according to skill and/or appearance. Most expensive is the "superstar" section, in which the women try to approximate to the look of fashion models or actresses. A smaller section is reserved for women who are actually good at giving massage, and who offer nothing extra.

The last several years has seen an increasing number of gay-oriented "saunas" sprouting up around the capital. Most of these have a contingent of masseurs who like their female counterparts, are rarely versed in any conventional type of massage.


:: Traditional Massage

Traditional Thai massage, also called ancient massage, is widely available in Bangkok. Fees for traditional Thai massage should be no more than 300B per hour, though some places have a half hour minimum. Be aware that not every place advertising traditional or ancient massage offers a really good one; sometimes the only thing "ancient" about the pummelling is the age of masseuse or masseur. Thai massage aficionados say that the best massages are given by blind masseurs.

  • Wat Pho
  • Chetuphon Road

Massage 200B per hour, 120B per half -hour. Wat Pho, Bangkok's oldest temple, was once one of the best places to experience a traditional massage. Unfortunately it may have fallen victim to its own popularity. Many of the massage therapists now watch TV or talk on their mobile phones while giving a massage -hardly the most soothing atmosphere. For those interested in studying massage, the temple also offers two 30-hour courses- on general Thai massage, massage therapy and foot massage. For further information call the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical & Massage School Ph. 02 221 2974.

Marble House
Soi Surawong Plaza, Surawong Road

Ph.02 235 3519
Massage 200-300B per hour. Thai herbal sauna is offered here as well as massage.

Arima Onsen
Soi Surawong Plaza, Surawong Road

Ph. 02 235 2142
Has a predominantly Asian clientele, but it is good for groups of four to six, as you can rent a private Japanese style room and enjoy a kind of room service ordering drinks from bar downstairs.