National Public Holiday 2004
1st – 2nd January New Year's Day. Celebrations for the start of the Christian New Year
5th March Makha Bucha Day. The full moon of the third lunar month marks the occasion when 1,250 of the Buddha's disciples came to hear him preach.
6th April Chakri Memorial Day. A public holiday, commemorating King Rama I who was the first of the Chakri kings.
13th – 15th April Songkran Day. Songkran Festival, Thai’s New Year.
1st May
(3rd May is Substitution for National Labour Day)
Labour Day. A holiday for some factory and office workers. The banks are closed but government departments and shops are opened.
5th May Coronation Day.A public holiday to commemorate the coronation of the King and Queen in 1950
7th May Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day. An important ceremony to mark the official start of the rice-planting season. It is a holiday for government officials only.
2nd June Visakha Bucha Day. The full moon of the sixth lunar month is the most important date on the Buddhist religious calendar
1st August
(2nd August is Substitution for Buddist Lent Day).
Substitution for Buddist Lent Day To mark the start of the Buddhist Lent
12th August H.M. The Queen,s Birthday Celebrations for the Queen's birthday. This day is also Mother's Day and a public holiday.
23rd October
(25th is Substitution for Chulalongkorn Memorial Day).
Chulalongkorn Memorial Day Chulalongkorn Day is 23 rd October) A commemoration of King Rama V who did a lot of important things for Thailand.
5th December
(6th December is Substitution for H.M. The King,s Birthday)
H.M. The King,s Birthday. Celebrations for the King's birthday. This day is also Father's Day as the king is regarded as a father to all Thai people.

10th December Constitution Day. A public holiday to commemorate the start of the constitutional monarchy in 1932
31st December New Year's Eve New Year's Eve, the biggest firework display of the year.