Working in Thailand

Alien : a natural person who is not of Thai nationality / citizenship.
Work : the engagement in work by exerting energy or using knowledge for purpose of obtaining wages or other benefits.

Aliens who are not in the kingdom of Thailand but wish to work in the kingdom must comply with the following:

Contact a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in you country for advice and recommendation for Granting a non-immigrant VISA. More information about a non-immigrant VISA.

Employers in Thailand may apply for a work permit for prospective alien employees who wish to work in the kingdom. After the work permit has been granted the alien may enter Thailand to receive the work permit and then start working.

Aliens who are in the kingdom of Thailand and wish to work in the kingdom must comply with the following:

1. An alien who wishes to apply for a work permit under the Board of Investment (BOI) law or other similar commercial laws must file an application for a work permit within 30 days from the date he/she is allowed to work under such law.
Criminal Penalty : Any violation thereof shall be liable to pay a fine not exceeding one thousand Baht.

2. An alien who lives in the Kingdom or receives a non - immigrant VISA to live in the Kingdom can work in Thailand after having received a work permit.
Criminal Penalty : Any violation thereof shall make the employee liable for imprisonment not exceeding three months, to pay a fine not exceeding five thousand Baht, or both penalties.

3. An alien who performs work that is proscribed by the Royal decree B.E. 2522(1979) which prohibits alien employment in certain occupations and professions is liable to be imprisoned not exceeding five years, will be fined from 2,000 to 100,000 Baht or both penalties.

Qualifications of an alien entitled to apply for a work permit:

1. Having residence in the Kingdom or having permission to stay in the kingdom temporarily under immigration law (i.e not simply as a tourist or transit - traveller)

2. Not applying for work in any of the 39 reserved occupations (as a stated in the Royal Decree. B.E.2522).

3. Having the knowledge and/or skills to perform the work as stated in the application for a work permit.

4. Not being insane or mentally sick.

5. Not being sick of leprosy, tuberculosis, drug addiction, alcoholism.

6. Not having been imprisoned due to a violation of an immigration law or an alien working law within one year of applying for work permit.

:: Validity of work permit

1. A work permit is issued for one year period and may be renewed every year thereafter
2. If the duration of employment of an alien is less than one year, a work permit will be granted for not longer than the period requested
3. An authorised official may grant a work permit to an alien in the Kingdom according to the necessity of work, but for not longer than one year.
4. The validity of a work permit will not exceed the validity date of the VISA "permit to stay"
5. An application for renewal of a work permit must be submitted before the expiration date of a valid work permit. If a work permit has expired, another application must be completed for a new work permit.