Transport in Thailand

:: Bicycle

Even though Bangkok were full of toxic fumes, there were still some areas of Bangkok, which had small traffic volume and were the meeting places for some bicycle enthusiasts. Bicycling could be another alternative which means of solving the worsening pollution problems. Riding a bicycle can also be one of the most amazing and exiting tours in Bangkok is " Biking in Bangkok ". It's one of the new tours that became increasingly popular in the last 2 years. You would ask yourself, how it is possible? Biking in Bangkok, a city with almost 4 million cars and jammed traffic....

:: Boat

"Rua", or boats, could be seen along the Chao Phraya River and the numerous smaller canals. They ranged from tiny dugout canoes with a single rower, often a child, to huge teak barges that brought rice to city mills.

- Cruising Boat
- Express Boat

Nowadays, cruising is becoming popular in Thailand. The Pasak River in Ayutthaya, the Sakaekrang River in Uthai Thani and the Nakhonchaisri River in Nakhon Pathom are beautiful scenery for curing. One of the most popular river cruises is the former capital of Ayutthaya, 80 kilometres through north of Bangkok. This takes in picturesque river scenery in central Thailand and usually includes a stop at the former royal residency of Bang Pa -In, Several Bangkok hotels, such as the Oriental and the Shangri-La, operated their own air-conditioned passenger cruises for this particular trip. Visitors can normally choose to go one-way by boat and return by buses.

There is a motorboat service on the Chao Phraya River called "Chao Phraya River Express Boat". The boats run between Wat Ratchasingkhon (near Krungthep Bridge) and Nonthaburi province. There are two main types of express boats: the standard express boats, running daily from 6 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. at charges of 4 to 16 baht, and the special express boats, running from Monday to Friday, 6 - 9 a.m. and 3 - 7 p.m. at charges of 10 to 25 baht.


- Long- tailed boat

From almost every boat landing in Bangkok, there are cross-river ferries that play back and forth across the Chao Phraya River. The standard fare is two baht and usually collected at the entrance to the landing.

Another popular boat in Thailand is called " Rua hang yao ". Some say the "Rua hang yao " originated in Thailand ; others say that it was first devised in Malaysia. Whatever the truth of the matter, it has undeniably become the leading form of transport on all Thai waterways. Rua hang yao literally means "long-tailed boat", and that is just what it is: a sleek craft of varying size having, in the rear, a propeller attached to the end of a long pole, powered by an often enormous engine. The propeller can be raised or lowered at will by the driver, and thus the boat can navigate not only in deep but also shallow water, a notable advantage in tidal canals and rice fields.

While obviously more modern than the more traditional paddle boats, the Rua hang yao is no less susceptible to supernatural forces. It, too, has a guardian spirit, known as Mae Ya Nang (Lady Grandmother), who lives in the prow and requires proper treatment in return for protection against misadventure. All drivers thus adorn the prows of their boats each morning with a garland of fragrant flowers and often burn a few sticks of incense as well. Should accidents or poor business persist, a more elaborate ceremony may be deemed necessary, sometimes including participation by a Buddhist monk.

Long-tailed boats are noisy, and the larger ones used as ferries along canals also make waves that rock old-fashioned craft and erode the banks. But these are regarded as minor drawbacks when set against the exhilaration of skimming along at top speed, spray rising on both sides, almost as well as a carnival ride.

-Tourist Boat

This is a special boat service for travelling along the Chao Phraya River. The boat route, connected to BTS Skytrain at Taksin Bridge station, starts from Sathon pier and proceeds up the river to Banglamphu pier (near Khao San Road). The boat stops at 10 major piers which provide easy access to important tourist sites such as the Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, China Town, Khao San Road etc. A guide is provided on board and the boat is not crowded as the express boat. The boat service is available daily from 9.00 to 15.00 hours, departing every 30 minutes. The charge is 15 baht per trip. One day river pass is available for unlimited trips at 75 baht which includes a Chao Phraya River Guidebook.


Either a visitor is a novice or seasoned professional; it is possible to enjoy
many different and exciting activities such as sailing and yachting. There are several first class yacht clubs in both Pattaya and Phuket, perhaps the most famous being the former's Royal Varuna Yacht Club founded in 1957 on Jomtien Beach, The list of interesting destinations for yachting is Pattaya, Hua-Hin, Cha-Am and Krabi, Samet, Samui, Tao, Phuket, Phi Phi and Pha Ngan.