Bargaining at the markets

Bargaining, in most other shopping venues, is acceptable; and necessary to get the best price. Bargaining is said to be an art, but skills can be honed by practice. The most important factor in getting a bargain may be the willingness to walk away. Very few items are exclusive to a given vendor.

Knowing the right price is important, so you know at what price to start your offers. Simply saying "drop the price" again and again won't get you to the best point. One method is to ask the price of something then offer about one third of the price. If the person continues to negotiate by making counter offers, you have not started too low. If the vendor refused to talk to you after your offer, go to another vendor selling the same item and raise your first offer a bit.

When bargaining, offer in smaller increments than the seller is discounting. If you hit a stalemate, walk away. Very often you will be called back.
The way how to bargain with street merchants in Thailand
  1. Make a low-ball offer.
  2. The merchant will be stunned by your "ridiculous" offer
  3. The merchant will counter-offer.
  4. If the new offer isn't to your liking, start to walk away.
  5. The merchant will call you back and make a lower offer.
  6. Counter with a slightly higher offer than your original offer.  The merchant will again be "stunned".
  7. Finally and reluctantly, the merchant will generally settle for half or less of his/her original offer.

Department stores & Shopping Malls
Central Department Store
Large and famous department stores with wide variety of merchandise, brand name boutiques, restaurants and supermarket.

Future Park
The big shopping complex in Thailand covers 5 leading department stores; Robinson, Central, Big C, Office Depot and HomePro. It located in Rangsit area.

Fashion Island
Fashion Island Ramintra provides the customers with a wide range of high quality products at the most competitive prices. New policy, "More than just low prices", Fashion Island welcomes the customers in a friendly, clean and modern atmosphere with utmost shopping convenience provided by the efficient and attentive staff members.

IT Mall Fortune Town
IT Mall is a gathering place for hardware, software and all computer accessories' vendors at Fortune Town Bldg. Rachadaphisek Rd

Mahboonkrong (MBK),this market-style shopping centre is packed with stalls selling everything from clothing and leather goods to cosmetics, gift items, electrical equipment, furniture and travel and camping equipment. This place is popular for its wide variety and inexpensive prices.

Robinson Department Store
Robinson is a retail store group under the management of Robinson Planner Company with a concept of "Good and Cheap". At present, Robinson Retail Store has implemented a new idea known as "One Stop Shopping", which defines itself as bringing in unique and fashionable products from in and out of the country. These product ranges from Home Decor, Health, and Interior Design trends all in one shelf to satisfy customer's fashionable taste. In order to provide a more convenient channel for purchasing.