Discount Store / Hypermarket
Auchan located in Chiang Mai has a large variety of goods & food -bulk products.

Big C Supercenter

A combination of discount store and food outlet provides utmost customer satisfaction and quality products at very low prices everyday. Big C is Located in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand.

Carrefour opened its first store in Bangkok in 1997 and now manages 11 hypermarkets in the cities of Bangkok and Chang Mai. It is a French discount store which provides quality products friendly services. All 12 Carrefour stores cover in main big cities and we also have a plan to expand more branches to reach our customers.

Makro is a large super market which sells its goods in large pack for a wholesale price.
You can buy a pack of goods at inexpensive price. Both end users and retailers come to this super market everyday.

Tesco Lotus
Development of house brands by leading retailers is a global trend which has particular significance for Thai companies. Tesco Lotus is committed to the expansion of its "SuperSave" house brand of products and expects this area of its product line to become increasingly popular with Thai shoppers in the future. Our policy is to set ambitious production standards in order to encourage manufacturers to produce quality products that meet our criteria. We also set a high standard for services to assure our customers that they will receive excellent products services from Tesco Lotus.
:: Supermarkets

Food Lion Supermarket
Food Lion is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States with 1,200 stores in 11 Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states. Company stores sell more than 28,000 different products and offer nationally and regionally advertised brand name merchandise, as well as a growing number of high-quality private label products manufactured and packaged for Food Lion.

Foodland is the best-known of the super markets catering largely to foreign tastes. Foodland, as part of a major Bangkok chain of super markets, places a heavy emphasis on offering food products imported from America, Australia and Europe, to meet the wide range of tastes of foreign visitors and expatriates of many nations who comprise a substantial part of the local population.

Tops supermarkets
Tops supermarkets are operated by CRC Ahold, a joint venture between Central Retail Corporation and the international food provider Royal Ahold. Most of the Tops supermarkets are located in the Central and Robinson department stores. The stores range in size from 1,500 to 5,000 square meters in floor area. There are also free-standing supermarkets that range from 800 to 4,000 square meters in floor area.

Tops is a one-stop-shop supermarket carrying a wide range of fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, seafood, groceries, dairy and bakery products. The stores also carry a great range of international food items and a line of Tops-branded products.

Villa Market
Villa Supermarket located in Sukhumvit area is a very good selection of Euro foods; frequented by at least as many Western people as Thais; upstairs is a book shop.