Dream World
Situated at km.7 of Rangsit-Ongkharak Road, this large amusement park houses a European style plaza, miniature land of major world legends, and offer exciting rides, shows and games.

Open: Weekdays from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Holidays from 10 a.m.-7 p.m
Admission: 450 baht
Tel: 0-2533-1152

Siam Park City
Located in suburban Min Buri on Sukhaphiban 2 Road, this water amusement park contains a man-made sea with towering slides. Satellite attractions include children's playgrounds, aviaries, an open zoo and a botanical garden.

Open: Mon to Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat-Sun and Public Holidays 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Admission: Adult 400 baht; Child 300 baht
Tel: 0-2919-7200-19

A large number of shopping malls have amusement parks on their upper floors and roofs. The following is a random sampling:

Future Park Bang Khae, Phetkasem Road.
Tel: 0-2454-8500.

The Mall Bang Khae, Phetkasem Road.
Tel: 0-2454-0061.

Seacon Square, Srinakarintara Road.
Tel: 0-2721-9444.

Central City Bang Na, Km. 3 Bang Na-Trat Road.
Tel: 0-2361- 0888.

Fashion Island, Km.10 Raminthra Road.
Tel: 0-2947-5000.


Temples Tour in  Bangkok
Sighseeing Thai Lives and Visiting many famous ancient Buddhist
Temples. Catholic Church and Mosqueson the bank of this canal. Most of these ancient places are more than 200 years old.

Time schedule and places to visit

07.30 am : At Thonburi District in Wat Werurachin

08.20 am :  Wat Werurachin - a wonderful gable Lacquer design   on the door and window panels.

08.45 am : Wat Hongsarattanaram - a wonderful gable end and a beautiful Buddhist Library Hall from Thonburi period.

09.15 am : San tacruz church - the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Bangkok.

09.30 am : Visiting Protuguese community, watching cookies making by ancient made.

10.00 am : Kien Un Keng - The oldest Chinese shrine in Bangkok, over 200 years old.

10.30 am : Wat Kallayamit - Thai Living styles mural paintings and the Largest sitting Buddha image in Bangkok.

11.00 am : Bang Luang Mosque - The Thai style mosque, only one in the world.

11.45 am.  Lunch

01.00 pm : Wat Rajchaoros - The Chinese and Thai culture and architecture mixed

01.45 pm : Wat Nang Nong - The mural paintings in Chinese styles.

02.30 pm : Wat Rajchakrue - The collection of standing Buddha images from Sukhothai to Rattanakosin period

03.30 pm : Wat Intharam - The temple in the reign of King Taksin The Great, Thonburi period (A.D. 1767-1782)

** Available on Saturday-Sunday and Special holidays **

• 1,000 Baht per person, included Lunch and tour   guide
• For more informations  Tel: 0 2465 0025, 0 2465   6413 or Mrs. Patra Vaddhanavira Tel :  0 2477   1161, 0 5141 8287

Chao Phraya River & Bangkok's Canals (Khlongs) Nineteenth-century Bangkok was laced with canals, giving the capital the designation' Venice of the East'. Surviving canals, and the Chao Phraya River provide memorable vignettes of traditional waterborne way-of-life that has remained essentially unchanged over the centuries.

The river and canals may be conveniently explored by chartered boat from Tha Chang (Tel: 0-2225-6179, 0-2623-6169), a pier near the Grand Palace, or Tha Si Phraya (Tel: 0-2235-3108) near the River City Shopping Complex. Tourists can also book such a tour through travel agents.

Dinner Cruise Riverine Bangkok offers some of the capital's most arresting sights, particularly at night when the weather is cooler and light reflections bestow the Chao Phraya River with flickering magic and romance.

An ideal way of combining dining with riverine enchantment is to enjoy a river dinner cruise. Reservations, current prices, conditions and departure times may be obtained from travel agents or the following organisers: Loy Nava
Tel: 0-2437-4932 , 0-2437-7329 ; Manohra Tel: 0-2476-0021-2 ; Dairy Queen Tel: 0-2921-8670-5 ; Khanab Nam Tel: 0-2433-6611 ; Riverside Tel: 0-2434-0090-3 and Yok Yor Marina Tel: 0-2863- 0565-6.

Cruise to Ayutthaya The luxurious cruise from Bangkok to the former capital of Ayutthaya is operated by Mae Ya Nang Tel: 0-2236-0400-20 , River Sun Cruise Tel: 0-2266-9316 , 0-2266-9125-6 , Horizon Cruise Tel: 0-2236-7777 , Manohra Tel: 0-2476-0021-2 , and Mekhala Tel: 0-2256-7168-9.

A budget tour to Bang Pa-in Summer Palace or Bang Sai Folk Arts and Handicrafts Centre is operated every Sunday by Chao Phya Express (Tel: 0-2222-5330 , 0-2225-3002-3) and Mit Chao Phraya (Tel: 0-2225-6179, 0-2623-6169).